Lee Stafford: Hair Growth Range

I have recently been taking supplements to make my hair grow and I have previously tried a few hair growth shampoos and root sprays, so I decided to switch my whole hair care routine up and use the beautifully packaged Lee Stafford hair growth range to really try and grow my hair.

Lee Stafford: Hair Growth Range

The problem I have with my hair is that, it just doesn’t grow as it is so damaged by all the bleach and dye I use, as soon as it starts growing, it breaks off as it is so damaged. By taking supplements and using hair products specific for hair growth, I wanted to see how much of a difference it made to the condition and length of my hair.

The shampoo and conditioner are pretty self explanatory on how to use them. Just replace your normal shampoo and conditioner with them! 🙂

The newest product in the range is a scalp scrub, I mean, who new you needed to scrub your scalp?! It’s aim is to exfoliate your scalp and it helps unclog and pores or hair follicles, meaning it is then easier for the hear to grow.  We take care of our bodies, by exfoliating, so why not treat your head the same. You use this product on wet hair before your shampoo.

Another product I have been using is the hair treatment. It is used between your shampoo and conditioner, to really help nourish your hair. Conditioning treatments are great to give your hair a treat and improve the condition, therefore promoting healthy hair growth.

I have also tried the scalp serum. I was a bit nervous using this as I worried it would make my hair greasy, but it didn’t at all 🙂 It helps to moisturise your scalp and strengthen the hair follicles.

We are all so bust using all f these hair products, that we neglect our scalp. Often hair products can dry out your scalp but you really need to look after it if you want to promote healthy hair.

I have been using these all for a few weeks now and my hair looks much healthier. My hair is growing at a good rate (with bright hair, I can tell by how long my roots are!). I am going to continue using this range and taking hair supplements and I really hope to have long healthy hair by summer.

Sarah x


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