How I give my teeth a deep clean at home

I am one of those crazy people that enjoys the dentist. I love going to have my hygienist appointment as I love how it leaves my teeth so smooth and clean afterwards. I wanted to get that feeling at home so I decided to try the Hagsun water flosser at home. 

hangsun water flosser

At first it looked a little scary with all of the different nozzle options but once reading the manual and seeing what they all were I was really impressed.

hangsun water flosser

You simply choose the head and attach it on, fill the tank with water, plug it in and away you go!

hangsun water flosser

You can pick the pressure, I started off low and then increased it. You have to pause it to spit the water out and it is actually quite gross looking at the bits in the water that have come from between your teeth!

It is great for me to use something like this as I cannot floss mt bottom teeth due to my brace on the back of my teeth. I find it hard to brush behind properly so this is great to use as I normally use the small brushes to get in between my teeth. Using this machine once a week gives you that extra deep clean.

Sarah x


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