The Body Shop: Almond Milk & Honey

I LOVE things from The Body Shop. Their tee tree range is one of my favourites and their body butters are just amazing. I always love trying new releases from them. The newest one is the Almond milk and honey range which I have recently been using.

The Body Shop: Almond Milk & Honey

This range is great for anyone like me that has sensitive or dry skin. I often struggle with body products as a lot of them irritate my skin but this range is so gentle and hydrating.

The soothing and caring cleansing bar is a great product to use in the bath or shower if you want to feel clean but are worried about drying out your skin with regular soap. As this cleans you, it leaves you super soft and moisturised.

The shower cream is very similar to the above but instead of a bar it is more of a shower gel(some people prefer this to a bar). It smells great and leaves your skin feeling really soft.

The calming and protecting hand cream is a great size to carry around with you or leave in your desk drawer. It soaks in quickly and really nourishes your hands.

The body butter, one of my favourite products. It is great for any dry places, knees elbows etc and really does soak in quickly and leaves you feeling moisturised.

Sarah x


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