Mad Beauty: Biscuit edition

Every time I see a new collection released by Mad Beauty, I love them even more! I think the biscuit range is so adorable and unique.

Mad Beauty: Biscuit edition

The range is so affordable and it just makes me hungry haha.

The range includes:
Tissues – £0.99 per pack
Mirrors –  £2.99 each (come in a variety of biscuit styles)
Mini nail files – £0.99 per pack (come in a variety of biscuit styles)
Lip gloss – £3.50 each (come in a variety of biscuit styles)
Hand sanitizer – £2.99 each (come in a variety of biscuit styles)

Most girls(and guys!) would use all of the above, they are all things that would be handy to pop into your bag or leave in your desk draw or in your car.

My favourite hand sanitizer is the one with party rings on as this smells like cherries, this is also great to take out and about. I always find myself using this 🙂

I really like the mirrors as they are a good size for me to carry one around in my make up bag. 

Sarah x


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