Transformulas : Lip Volume

Want fuller lips but scared to have fillers/injections? This lip plumper is the next best thing!

Transformulas : Lip Volume

This was my results after my first use, taken only a few minutes apart:

Transformulas : Lip Volume

The top pic is with nothing on and the bottom pic is taken just after applying the lip volume. You can instantly see my lips look a lot fuller and not so chapped, especially my lower lip. I was really impressed by how quickly I could see the difference.

I would love fuller lips but due to an accident when I was younger, I have a lot of scare tissue in my top lip so wouldn’t want to risk injections or anything.

It claims to make your lips smoother and softer by +60% and plumper by up to 40% in 30 days but you can see it working from the first use!

At £29.95 I think it is really affordable for what it is and a great alternative to lip fillers. I am going to continue to use it daily and see how good it really is 🙂

Sarah x


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