Know cosmetics : no dark shadows

I love trying new make up from brands I haven’t tried before. I had seen a few reviews online for a brand called Know cosmetics and saw you can buy them in Superdrug

No dark shadows

No dark shadows is an under eye concealer that can also be used to highlight your face. It is available in two shades – Wow (rosy tone) and Pizazz (yellow tone). I love the fact it is waterproof too so it is great to wear in the summer when your face may get a little more oily. I often struggle in the warmer months and before you know it, your make up is sliding and creasing all over the place!

No dark shadows

No dark shadows

Top shade : Pizazz

Bottom shade : Wow

The formula is slightly creamy, they are easy to apply and it blends in well. You can customise the perfect shade by mixing the two if needed. I found Wow was the perfect shade for me!

No dark shadows

At £15 I think this is a pretty good price for high-quality concealer and is pretty much on par with the top cruelty free options you can find today. I think it is always worth paying a bit more for something if it works better than cheaper alternatives.

Sarah x

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