iPhone charging case

One problem I always have, is that my phones battery is awful! Anyone that has an iPhone knows that to start with they are amazing, then after a bout a year the battery just doesn’t last a whole day. I was carrying about an external battery pack and lead with me but I recently got my hands on a charging case to try.

iphone charging case

This case comes in different colours but I opted for the black, because I mean like, black goes with every outfit right?!

The case is currently on sale for £44.99 which may seem a lot of a case but it is the worlds thinnest charging case and a lot easier and cheaper than buying an external battery or getting your battery replaced!

iphone charging case

You can see it compared to my normal case, it really isn’t much bigger. I had a charging case before but it was just so bulky I ended up not using it, but considering this is hardly bigger than a normal case it’s pretty amazing.

You simply charge it until it is fully charged (there is a light indicator on the back), and then put your phone in it and when it needs more juice just press the little button and it will charge your phone. 

Sarah x


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