Kiss manicure kit

This manicure kit literally contains everything you need!

Kiss manicure kit

Contains: nail scissors, nail brush, nail clippers, cuticle nipper, 4-way buffer, 3 emery boards, cuticle pusher, double-sided nail file, double-sided metal nail file, 3 manicure sticks and it all comes in a handy pouch!

Kiss manicure kit

I have just sat down for half an hour and sorted out my nails, and toe nails, and so happy with how easy everything in the set is to use.

I prefer to use an emery board to a metal file, so after after using the clippers, I then filed my nails neatly and buffed them all. It is important to push your cuticles back too, not only so they look neat but also to help your nails grow.

We often neglect our nails and hands, buts something that get used daily, your nails get broken, your hands chapped, they take a battering! It is so so important to have a bit of “me” time and look after your nails!

Sarah x


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