Have you heard of www.gratisfaction.co.uk

As well as blogging, I like to enter a a lot of competitions online and also claim as many freebies as I can, I mean who doesn’t like a good freebie?!

There are so many websites out there that list the best offers and free samples but I recently came across www.gratisfaction.co.uk and it has now become one of my favourites to check daily.

Through this site I recently claimed a sample of a candle, some face cream, hand wipes, coconut oil and many more.

It doesn’t take long to click through and see what appeals to you, you can then fill out your details and apply. Most samples get sent to your home address but some make up samples you can visit your local counter to claim.

There are also lots of voucher codes available, either off specific products or shops/restaurants, it is always worth checking to see what is available.

It is a great way to get free/discounted items to try and often the sample sizes of things are great if you are going away for a few days or if you need to take something with you but don’t want to carry about full size.

Tje website is so easy to use as everything is separated into sections/categories depending on what you are looking for. It also shows you what things are currently popular/hot.

I would definitely recommend checking it out and bookmarking it!

Sarah x

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