CO by Andrew Collinge

I love trying new hair products. For me, my hair is one of my most important features. I change my hair colour every few months and it is currently bright red/pink and purple, so whatever I use need to be colour safe as I am trying to keep it vibrant (until I want to change it!)

I have been trying a new range called CO by Andrew Collinge.

CO by Andrew Collinge

Hair moisturiser


What is a hair moisturiser?! If I am honest I wasn’t too sure either! It basically does as it says and it moisturises your hair. You apply it on to damp hair to help detangle and smooth out your hair and at the same time it is kind of like a spray/ leave in conditioner. You can also use it before you straighten your hair as a heat protector. It is great to hydrate your damaged ends and to help protect your hair from any future damage! Smells good too 🙂

Volume mousse


Mousse is something I never really used much, but it is great if you want that tousled curl that will hold. In the past I have been put off using a mousse as I found them to be very sticky to use but this one is made with a non sticky formula and actually really easy to use. You just apply it to damp hair and then style your hair. 

Invisible dry shampoo


I am a dry shampoo addict. Anyone with un natural coloured hair will understand the pain of washing your hair and watching the colour run down the drain! I really like my colour at the moment and want to keep it looking bright and fresh for as long as possible, meaning washing my hair as little as I can get away with. Dry shampoo is my best friend.

I have tried a few different ones in the past, ones that end up looking like bright white powder, coloured ones, clear ones that feel sticky like hairspray, I have honestly tried about ten different ones!

I have been using this one for a couple of weeks now to give it a good go and I really like it. With dry shampoo I find it better to apply the night before so it has time to soak up excess oil overnight(sorry, gross I know!). I feel like this one also gives a good amount of volume as often when your hair is greasy it can look really flat at the roots. It doesn’t leave any white powder residue which is a massive bonus 🙂

CO by Andrew Collinge

Argan oil


I love trying different oils and serums as my hair is so damaged from having to bleach it to pretty much white so I can then put a bright colour on it. I am also trying to grow my hair so have only had the smallest trim(probably should have had a few inches off!).

I really like the pump bottle, I find it easy to dispense the required amount, a little really does go a long way with this! It smells really nice and with serums I like to put a little on after I have towel dried my hair, so when it is still slightly damp and also if my hair feels really dry I will put a little on before wet(on dry hair, not wet).

Sarah x


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