Trying out a black face mask

I keep seeing videos pop up on Youtube and Facebook of these *amazing* black face masks so I thought it was about time I tried one out!

shills black mask

I decided to give the Shills black mask a go, I was a little scared at first as it looks like gloopy black tar as you squeeze it out the tube but I used an old foundation brush to help me apply it evenly to my face and I let it work its magic.

shills black mask

After about half an hour I started to peel it off, I peeled it slowly as it was quite stiff and I didn’t want it to hurt but surprisingly it felt ok removing it, but, oh my, I had not realised hoe many blackheads I had until I saw them on the mask, gross. You know when you do a pore strip on your nose and you look after to see what it had removed, it is like that, over your whole face!

Not going to gross you out with pictures but it was pretty impressive and my skin feels so amazingly clean after.

If you want to give it a go you can buy it from

Sarah x


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