Trying a new brand : Technic

I had never heard of Technic before, and I have recently been trying a few products: setting spray, colour fix blush & bronze palette and the mega sultry 2 eyeshadow palette.

Technic make up

The setting spray is easy to use and I found that it really did help keep my make up in place. It did’t feel too wet when I applied it and it seemed to dry and stick everything in place well.

Technic make up

The blush and bronze palette has some really lovely creamy shades. There is something here for everyone. The pigment is good and they are easy to blend.

Technic make up

The eyeshadow palette has a great range of shades. They are highly pigmented and easy to apply. I use a different brush to the one included in the set as I find it hard to use small applicators like this.  I like the mixture of matte and shimmery shades.

Sarah x


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