Sweet subscription

There are more and more subscriptions out there, make up, beauty, gin, cereal etc that I have tried, but this is the first sweet subscription I have come across.

Sweet subscription

Until December 15th if you order a box you will receive a free box,so two for the price of one! This can go to the same address as the initial box or to a different one! Enter SWEETXMAS at the checkout on www.sweetsubscriptions.co.uk

Sweet subscription

As you can see, each box has an amazing selection of sweets/chocolate and at £12.99 it is really great value.You also receive loyalty points, so the more months you order a box, the more points you receive which you can then spend on more treats!

I am so impressed with the selection in each box. The one on the left is the November box and one on the right came as the free one. Both have some really fab treats in them and I have eaten half o f them already! It is a great idea if you want to order something different as a gift for someone or as a treat for yourself.

Sarah x


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