My Hair Jazz journey

I have been trying really hard to grow my hair after cutting it quite short due to damaged ends. A lot of products claim to help your hair grow and I have tried a few in the past, including products to put on your hair and tablets but this seems to be the best so far!

hair jazz

I have been trying the above three and have used the tshirt to show my progress.


hair growth

After (27/12/16)

hair growth

The pictures are taken 6 weeks apart and I am really impressed with the progress. I use the products every other wash and still have over half of them left, so it could easily last three months before you need to repurchase.

I have also noticed my hair is a lot softer and more manageable, the ends seems to look a lot healthier too.

Before using the range I struggled to brush my hair as it was so tangled, I just had to leave it to dry but now I can brush it and it looks really healthy 🙂 

You can view all of the products here and if you are looking for healthier longer hair I would really recommend this brand.

Sarah x


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