Shadow switch : dry brush cleaner

One thing I hate about putting on eyeshadow is having to use so many different brushes if you are using different colours. This is not always practical, so if you only have one you will find yourself trying to use a make up wipe between each colour change on the brush or trying to wash it and dry it. I never knew you could get something like this!

Shadow switch : dry brush cleaner

This brush cleaner has the same sort of concept as those nail polish removers where you just dunk your finger in the tub and voila your nail is clean. It is a pretty good idea really!

Shadow switch : dry brush cleaner

The great thing is, it doesn’t contain any product, its a special type of sponge, so it will not make your brush damp or anything after use. To clean it you can just wash it with water and put it back in the tin 🙂

Pretty good for £5.99, you can buy one here if you want to give it a go yourself.

Sarah x


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