Pick N Melt

I have never tried wax melts before so was really excited to come across www.picknmelt.com as they have hundreds of different scents to chose from!

Pick N Melt

Wax melts are pretty cool as you light a tealight underneath and melt them in a small bowl, as they melt they smell amazing!

Pick N Melt

You can buy single scents or mixed ones, it really is like pick and mix for wax!

My favourite one is pink pepper pod, but there are so so many to chose from! It is very novel to have wax melts as I have always used candles or reed diffusers in the past and never tried anything like this.

The scent is quite strong which is good as it makes the room smell so good!

The also sell candles as well, the one I have been loving is sweet pea. The candles last for ages 🙂

Pick N Melt

Sarah x


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