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In today’s corporate environment, more and more businesses are benefiting from staff working remotely, something both my husband and I have been subjected to recently, prompting the idea to turn our spare bedroom, otherwise known as the clutter room into our own home office.

As many of you will know one of the challenges you face from working at home, is that you don’t feel as though you are ‘at work’ and more often than not this can affect your approach to work. So the key to this was to recreate an authentic office environment, the best place to start being authentic office furniture.

We came across Calibre Office Furniture that sold office furniture, which wouldn’t look out of place in any business environment, be it a meeting room, conference room or boardroom. My favourite feature is the removable partition, although I could stare at my lovely husband all day, when he is busy talking away to his clients it becomes a bit of a distraction. This of course can be removed for any occasion we need to hold a meeting. 

Although we are using this desk for our home office, this wouldn’t look out of place in any place of business. Having the right furniture, like this stunning meeting room table and meeting room chairs is brilliant when you are entertaining clients, we’ve all been stuck in a horrible meeting with boring furniture and uncomfortable chairs, you get bored and your mind wanders, not exactly how you want people to view your company.  They sell a great range of meeting room furniture So have a look at their website if you are looking to buy a conference table.

The chairs look really comfortable, a big thumbs up for my husband who often struggles with a bad back and the desk has all the necessary cut outs for network and power cables, so no need for your IT man to get his drill kit out!!

Do any of you have an office at home? I would love to see your desks! 

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