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I included these in my Christmas gift guide but wanted to write a bit more and show you the cookies I made!

cookie dough

You can take a look at the different cookie doughs here and they are £7.99 a tub. It might sound a lot at first but free from products in the supermarket often cost a crazy amount and if you added up what you would need to buy this is actually really good! Each tub can make 6 jumbo cookies or 12 medium sized cookies(depending on how much of the cookie dough you eat before hand!!)

This comes in three different varieties: Chocolate fudge, Ginger & spice and Chocolate chip.

The great thing about this cookie dough is that it is ready to bake and it is free from gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts and soya. These are the most popular food allergies. 

I recently discovered that I am slightly intolerant to gluten and dairy which is proving difficult with my love for chocolate so something like this is ideal. 

I love the fact the dough s ready made so there is no faffing with all the free from ingredients!

cookie dough

cookie dough

It only takes 15 mins to cook and the cookies taste great! I am really impressed with how nice they were and also how easy it is to use. 

As I am only slightly intolerant to gluten and dairy I can eat a small amount but for people that cant eat any at all this is great.

cookie dough

Sarah x


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