Trying a new hair oil

As I am now trying my hardest not to dye my hair as frequently as I do not want to damage it any further , I am trying so many different products to keep my hair in a good condition as I try to grow it.

hair oil

I have been using this deep penetrating oil from Mashooq. I use it on damp hair and also a little once my hair is completely dry if needed or on the days I do not wash it when it feels slightly dry at the ends.

The great thing about this oil is that it contains six different natural oils: coconut, sweet almond, olive, sunflower, palm and wheat germ. These are all great for your hair and smell so good!

The oil isn’t too thick, quite often hair oil is thick and ends up not absorbing into the hair too well and leaving it looking greasy but this the perfect consistency and absorbs really well.

Sarah x


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