Soap and Glory skincare

I have never really used Soap and Glory skincare before, usually always opt for their make up range or body stuff!

I have been very impressed with the make up remover and cleansing milk though 🙂

Soap and Glory skincare

The make up remover is amazing, not only does it remove caked on make up with not much effort, it also leaves your skin feeling so soft and clean. It is an all in one product really as you don’t even need to tone after 😉

The cleansing milk is another great product.. Its cleanses your skin so well and can be used as a face wash or make up remover.

Both products are really gentle to your skin but leave your face super clean. I have noticed a big improvement in my skin sine using these as I think the last face products I was trying may have been too harsh as I often use a lot of acne products that can dry out your skin.

Sarah x


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