Kiehl's skincare

I have only ever tried one Kiehl’s product before so I decided to try some more of their range.


I went for the complete system (cleanse/tone/moisturise) and also tried a lip balm.

I am SO impressed by all of these products. The lip balm is the perfect size for my handbag and once you apply it your lips instantly feel soft and smooth. I always find it helps to apply a lip balm before lipstick otherwise my lips end up looking quite flaky as the lipstick wears off.

I really liked using the cleanser as using it along side the toner it left my skin feeling super clean. You only need a small amount and you can use it day and night.

The toner was easy to use with a cotton pad and really helped to leave my skin feeling smooth and fresh. 

One of my favourite things about the moisturiser is that it is SPF 30! It is great to use in the morning either under make up or if you don’t plan on wearing any make up! I quite often have make up free days so it is nice to feel clean and moisturised!

Sarah x


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