The Body Shop : Tea Tree

Tea tree is an amazing ingredient in skincare. It is natural and so good for your skin. I love the body shop tea tree range, here are two of my favourites:

The Body Shop : Tea Tree

Tea tree oil
Pure tea tree oil is great to put directly on blemishes. It is antibacterial and helps your skin to heal. It is great as it doesn’t dry out your skin! One my my beauty must haves 🙂

Tea tree 3 in 1 wash scrub mask
I had never tried a wash/scrub/mask in one before but this is so cool. One product that can be used in three different ways! This is great for travelling as you only need to take this and you have three products.

As a wash this foams to help abolish the dirt and grime. When used as a scrub it is very gentle but helps with an extra deep clean and when used as a mask it really works its way into the pores to leave you so clean and refreshed!

Sarah x


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