I have a crazy obsession with hair care right now. I told myself I would grow out my brunette roots and fade my blue/grey hair and eventually dye it back “normal”, but I caved in. I bleached my roots out and dyed my hair bright blue again! The main problem I have when I dye my hair is no matter what I do, my colour fades too quickly!

In my bathroom I have so many shampoos, some I know are OK to use when I have bright hair, and others that I use when I want a colour change and need to fade it fast. There are lots that claim to be colour safe and are meant to stop it fading but most of them are designed for what I call “normal” colours, not crazy blue that turns your bath into the sea every time you wash!


I have recently fallen in love with this range, it smells divine and it really is helping my blue stay put! 

I have been using:

Colour fixing shampoo

Colour fixing protective conditioner

Anti-ageing CC cream for coloured hair

The shampoo has turned out to me my new favourite to use when I have freshly dyed my hair. After re dying it bright blue I used this for a week and honestly my hair has hardly faded. It doesn’t foam as much as other shampoos which really helps as that is when the colour fades the most, wen the shampoo foams!

The conditioner leaves my hair feeling so soft and looking fresh like I have just dyed my hair! Anyone with bright hair know how hard it is to maintain and how it is painful washing your hair and watching the colour wash away but this range is spot on.

The CC cream helps to maintain the colour by reducing damage. You use this after you wash your hair and it leaves it soft and helps to protect against heat and damage.

Using all three products together has really helped me prolong my hair colour and I am really impressed with the range 🙂

Sarah x


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