Liz Earle: cleanse and polish

I have been using cleanse and polish for years now and I love taking my make up off with it at night and using it again in the morning to refresh my face. I have so many Liz Earle cloths always hanging up my bathroom!

I have only ever used the standard one in the green pump but this time I am giving the rose and lavender version a go!

Liz Earle: cleanse and polish

As soon as I pumped this onto my hand I could immediately smell the difference and it was a pleasant change. Sometimes it is nice to use a different product  but with this is like something new but it works just as well as the normal cleanse and polish 🙂

Cleanse and polish is one of my favourite beauty products. It is so easy to use and I love using it with the cloths. My face feels so clean after using it and most days I use it twice!

I feel a lot more adventurous using this rather than the normal one and I will be keeping my eye out for more scents in the future!

Sarah x


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