Do you like tea?

I recently found out I am slightly lactose intolerant (If I drink milk or have any other dairy products I get a tummy ache and my skin breaks out bad!) so nowadays I have to drink tea with almond milk or lactose free milk (never tastes the same!)

The only answer was to try some green teas without milk. Green tea is also a lot better for you than standard breakfast tea.

I have been having the following:


The pure green tea is a standard green tea.

The citrus green tea has a hint of lemon.

The berry green tea has a hint of summer berries.

They are all very refreshing and all very different in taste. I had tried green tea before, but only ever the regular green tea so for me it was exciting to try these different flavours.

The great thing about teas like this is that you don’t need milk or sugar, just let the tea bag sit in the water for 1-3 minutes depending on how strong you want it and you are done 🙂

My favourite was the citrus as it reminded me of lemon ice tea(which I love!)

Dragonflytea have so many different flavours, the mint one sounds delicious!

I am hooked on flavoured teas now!

Sarah x


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