Rosewood pet products

I came across a brand called Rosewood pet products and decided to try some of their things for my kitty and my guinea pigs.

As you can see above, whilst trying to take pictures my kitten wouldn’t the toys alone!

The twitchy teaser is a mouse like toy on the end of a stick which is perfect to dangle in front of Gizmo and make him jump for. It also has a bell attached and he just loves playing with it. I could spent hours playing with his toys with him 🙂

There is also the head and tail duo that looks like a small animal. He loves playing with this on the floor and won’t stop chewing it! 

The rattan balls are so fun to play with, I kick them across the room and Gizmo loves playing football with them haha. 

My guinea pigs loved this food! They ate their dinner a lot quicker than usual and this is a lot healthier than the usual guinea pig pellets they eat!

I also am trying the cornflower and daisy sticks, carrot and conefower roller and the hay n treat swing over the next few weeks (don’t want to try them all at once or I will end up with 2 obese piggies!)

Starting off with the carrot and conefower roller, as you can see Sandy is loving it!

Nothing makes me happier than having 3 happy pets 🙂

Sarah x


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