Loving Nuskin products right now!

Nuskin is a brand I have tried before but there are so many other products they make and I wanted to try some more.


I have been using the above marine mud mask once a week for the last few weeks and it has made a big difference to my skin. I love doing face masks weekly and with this one you can really notice a difference. It draws out all the impurities and I noticed my blackheads on my nose weren’t so visible after using this. Going to try is on my shoulders next time as I suffer with spots on them, I wonder if this will help?!


I also tried a few make up products. The curling mascara in black, contouring lip gloss and replenishing lipstick in cha cha red. I find their make up range is very high quality and I very impressive.

The mascara was easy to apply and made my lashes look long and thick without clumping. Sometimes I curl my lashes but this time I didn’t and the mascara created a natural looking curl.

The lip gloss is a clear gloss and it left my lips looking very plump. It wasn’t sticky and I found it looked really shiny in the light 🙂

The lipstick is a nice brick red colour, it applied easily and left my lips feeling moisturised. It was quite long lasting and I really like this colour!

Sarah x


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