Have you heard of Sebamed?

Sebamed is a brand that helps to correct the PH of your skin. I have been trying the anti hair loss shampoo and face & body wash.


The anti hair loss shampoo is for all hair types and it kind to your hair and scalp. I always worry what haircare is doing to my scalp as often when I bleach or dye my hair it becomes irritated so then I want to use a gentle shampoo. I suffer from a lot of fall out when I brush my hair, probably as I dye it so much! Something like this is ideal for people that over dye and bleach their hair and are worried about hair loss!


The face and body wash is ideal for me as I suffer mild acne on my shoulders and back so this can be used in the bath on your face and body. It is deep cleansing and really feels like it is cleaning you well! I was always sceptical about using spot and acne products on my back but a multipurpose product like this is ideal. It is important to look after your skin on your whole body, most people concentrate so much on their face they end up neglecting the rest of their skin!

Sarah x


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