Get summer ready feet…

With the summer approaching I need to take care of my feet if I want to wear sandals and flip flops. This means moisturising and taking care of them and painting my toenails nicely!


First of all I used the sponge to scrub at my heels and any dry bots on my toes. I then took the polishing scrub into the shower with me and gave my feet a really good scrub. I was worried about making them sore as I often worry with scrubs that I am too harsh but my feet felt great after. It was then time to finish off with the foot cream.

I did this twice within the last few weeks and I noticed a massive difference. I often neglect my feet, especially through winter so it is important to get them looking good again 🙂

I like how easy the products are to use, I especially like the smell of the foot cream, it has that minty smell that is just so soothing.

The great thing about these products is that you can use them on your hands too 🙂

Sarah x


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