Do you eat granola?

I have never been a healthy eater but recently I am trying extra hard to eat better and to exercise. I recently found out that I am slightly allergic to wheat/yeast and cows milk so I am very careful what I eat.


I decided to give this granola a go as it is a healthy snack I can snack on through the day. It contains 7 different types of nuts and seeds and it doesn’t contain anything artificial.

It tastes very crunchy but as it is cocoa it tastes like a treat rather than just something healthy you aren’t too keen on. I usually find I don’t like the taste of healthy snacks like this but this one is different. It is great to eat either by itself or with milk(as I try to cut out dairy I have it with almond milk!)

It is important to eat food like this in your diet and not always stick to processed foods and since I found out I am slightly dairy and wheat/yeast intolerant I am a lot more picky with what I put into my body.

Sarah x


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