Creative Max

I LOVE new make up brushes. I have been trying some from a brand called Creative Max

The ones I have tried are: foundation wand, concealer brush set, brush and eyebrow set and blusher brush, they are all beautiful and the packaging is pink and black (two of my favourite colours!)

Creative Max

My favourite one is the foundation wand as it is similar to using a beauty blender.sponge but a lot easier as it has a handle and I find it much more hygienic as with the hand held blenders you end up touching the part you then put on your face.

The blusher brush is very soft and is great to use with blusher or bronzer, I don’t always wear these products but when I do I fond this brush helps for an easy application.

The brush and eyebrow set is great as you can use the brushes for either your eyes or eyebrows. I found the angled brush good to apply eyeshadow/powder as an eyebrow product as it helped to leave it looking neat and tidy.

Lastly, the concealer and brush set are perfectly designed and shaped to help conceal blemishes on your face as well and around your eyes and nose(sometimes these are hard to reach and end up looking messy). Using both of these brushes together you can really make the most of your make up.

I always find it hard to know what brushes to buy or what brand as there are so many out there but from what I have tried so far from this brand they are really good and I would highly recommend! You can buy them on Amazon and the pricing is so reasonable 🙂

Sarah x


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