Trying an at home peel by Monu

I recently came across this skincare system to give you a salon treatment but in the comfort of your own home.


The kit contains everything you need: Resurface and peel paste, resurface and peel lotion, hydrating moisturiser and an application brush.


Step 1 is to apply the paste evenly over your face

Step 2 apply the lotion, this then foams slightly on your face. Once this has been left for a few minutes you then rinse off with cold water

Step 3 apply the moisturiser, you need to make sure you use this a couple of times a day over the next few days!

My face felt SO smooth afterwards. It did like a little sore but what do you expect?! 

The next morning my face was literally glowing and it felt so clean and it honestly felt brand new, The great thing about the set is even though it is quite expensive (£70) you get quite a few uses out of it. I dread to think what this would cost to have done at a salon.

I picked a weekend to do it so I could be make up free as didn’t want to clog my pores straight after!

Sarah x


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