Personalised pictures

As you all know, the wonderful Claire from Aloha Lola cards created my blog header, she has recently joined forces with Danielle who creates pictures with Disney quotes to create an opportunity for you to have a cartoon drawing of yourself or someone else(maybe as a gift?) along with a Disney quote.

They both worked together with the image I supplied(from my wedding day) and you can see how amazing the outcome is!


You can buy them from either of their Etsy shops here (digital copy) and here (physical printed copy)

This would be great if you had a particular photo you wanted or if you had one you wanted to buy as a gift for someone! I think mine is literally perfect and having the quote on there really makes a difference 🙂

A digital copy is only £10 and a printed one is £12.75 + P&P which I think is a really reasonable price, I dread to think how long something like this takes to draw!

Sarah x


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