Patchouli & lavender bodywash & shampoo

Recently I have been trying lots of different shampoos. I change my hair a lot meaning one minute I want something that will prolong my colour and the next minute I am trying to fade it out so I can change colours.

By doing this my hair doesn’t know what’s going on, its in bad condition and it isn’t good to keep stripping out the natural oils.

patchouli & lavender bodywash & shampoo

I have recently been using the patchouli & lavender bodywash & shampoo as I had heard it was good for coloured hair as my friend uses it.

It left my hair feeling soft and it felt really clean, like when I use a clarifying shampoo, except this didn’t fade out my hair much which is great! This is a great product as you can use it as a bodywash too so would be ideal to take on holiday 🙂

Sarah x


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