I recently stumbled across which is a website that you can search for your favourite designer pieces (clothing, beauty etc) and it then finds out where to buy it in the sale! I have a massive perfume obsession at the moment and picked up the below:

moschino and calvin klein

Moschino cheap and chic stars 30ml was only £20 on sale from of £42.99. This is a perfume I had wanted for a while after trying a sample but it had just been too expensive, I didn’t really want to pay over £40 for a small bottle but at less than half price it was rude not to 🙂

Calvin Klein CK1 50ml was only £9 on sale from of £24.99. This is a perfume that I have know both women and men to wear, its one of those scents that everyone likes. I think my dad has it too! For 50ml this price is crazy!


Both of these actually came from the USC sale on the site. I don’t know how I never knew about this before, so thought I better share it with you!


Sarah x


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