Blue hair

After having my hair various rainbow themes I have decided to go back to the sea/ocean look. I am trying to grow out my roots a bt and then having a blue to turquoise ombre effect.

I am always trying different brands so I can try different colours and also see what the staying power is. Sometimes I want one that last a long time but if I know I want to change it soon I will use a brand that fades quick.

Color Psycho

Color Psycho is made by Osmo (I have tried their shampoo and conditioner before and loved it). I chose the Wild cobalt to try just on the top of my hair, I usually dye the top then dilute the dye heavily to run through the ends but my hair is still a nice colour from last time I did it so just need to concentrate on the top.

Color Psycho

As you can see this is a very bright blue(I did dilute it slightly so the tube last longer!) and I am really happy with it 🙂

It will come out differently on different people depending what colour base you are starting with, it probably helped I was already a faded out blue!

You can use the color tamer to dilute it way more and make it more pastel if you want!

Sarah x


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