I am in love with aloe vera products

I have recently been using two products from Forever living, which I had heard great things about.

aloe vera

First up is the Aloe Propolis Creme which I used to moisturise my face and certain dry areas on my body. The cream felt thick but soaked in well and I found it good to use on my rashes I get after holding my guinea pigs (I am allergic to one of them and it brings me up in a very itchy rash). 

The cream really calmed my skin and was really nice to use.

aloe vera

I have also been using Aloe Lips with Jojoba which I have been applying before bed. I always end up with dry lips so like to use something before I go to sleep so my lips are soft when I wake up! I found this really worked and you can even use it in the morning before you apply your lipstick and it makes it last longer and your lips look nicer 🙂

Sarah x


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