I have been trying a couple of Dior samples I picked up in John Lewis to see how I got on before committing to buying a full size product.


Dream skin helps to tighten pores and even out skin-tone, this would be designed for the more mature skin as over time it helps to combat wrinkles and ageing skin. As I am in my late 20s it is important that I start to think about products like this to try and tackle signs of ageing before they become a problem.

La creme helps to plump up your skin and make you feel and look more youthful. it leaves you looking radiant and leaves your face so smooth its crazy.

Le nectar is a serum with the same properties as la creme but doesn’t have that creamy texture. It leaves your face super smooth and feeling hydrated and leaves you glowing.

I think my favourite was la creme as it sunk in well and left my face looking great!

Sarah x


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