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So last year Nick and I moved in together and got married, but with everything going on we didn’t have much spare money so we have been using my TV I bought nearly 7 years ago and we have been searching recently to buy a new one.

The Panasonic Viera TVs literally look amazing, this one is on sale at Currys, it is still a lot of money but looks like it would be well worth it! We have also been looking at and LG one or Sony one from John Lewis. I think TV shopping takes a while as there are SO many different ones out there it is hard to know what to buy. TVs offer so many features nowadays hat I wanted to some research online into what types are out there. I also thing as well as looking online you really need to go to the shop and have a proper look too.

If you are going to connect things like games consoles to it, you need to make sure it has the appropriate ports. Our current TV doesnt have enough to keep ours all plugged in at once so I am constantly behind the TV swapping cables!

TVs are often very expensive and can last for years so you want to make sure you get one that suits your needs. We watch a lot of Netflix as well as DVDS and videos online. I also have a hard drive full of films that can be plugged in via USB or via my Xbox.

Nick and I just love chilling out and watching TV. My favourite films are NorbitQueen of the damned and Gremlins. At the moment our TV looks very small in our lounge so we have been looking at getting one at least 50″.

Have you bought a new to recently? What would you recommend? What are your favourite TV shows or films?

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