Making cocktails : Quick and easy!


Funkin cocktails

Funkin cocktails are such a fun thing to play with. We never make cocktails at home as it would be such a pain to get ALL of the ingredients but with this you literally just need to add ice and alcohol!

They also taste great with fizzy water or lemonade if you want an alcohol free one 😉

We decided to try the Hollywood first, this had an amazing berry taste and was a big hit with my husband!

Funkin cocktails

It was fun to make (got my cocktail shaker and funky straws out!)

Funkin cocktails

How cool do they look though?!

Funkin cocktails

The plan was to try a few and show you how I got on, but the next one I tried I was so excited about I forgot to take pictures! (What an idiot!)

We tried the Mojito one and it was so yummy! I could drink this one all the time (non alcoholic) as it tasted so good!

The great thing about these is you can mix anything you want with them, vodka, gin, fizzy water, fruit juice etc. You can make them as weak or strong as you need to.

Looking forward to trying the rest over the next couple of weeks (yum!)

Sarah x

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