my AMAZING new palette

So before I changed my blog header I used to have this

The wonderful Beauty Crowd have newly created Crowd Colour and using my blog header they created this

The idea behind Crowd Colour is that you can take any image/design and create personalised make up! I think this is a great idea and when mine arrived I was so impressed.

It came packaged securely and was presented beautifully in a Project Crowd Colour box.

The palette itself is really high quality and the image came out really well. I think I might get another one with my new blog header 🙂

They come in a variety of sizes and they are also going to offer personalised lipsticks too!

The inside of the palette is magnetic so you can add any lip glosses or eyeshadows to it. I added a few Soap & Glory ones I had recently taken out of a set and didn’t know what to do with, so this came in very handy! It also comes with a mirror which is a must!

If you want to get your hands on one the best way to do so is click here and back the brand on kickstarter. Buy doing this you can help them fund the start up and also get discounted products!

It is such a great idea, as well as putting eyeshadows in the palette you can also put your brushes in there too, then next time you use it you can swap it for other colours etc.

This is one of those things that pictures just dont give it justice, what are you waiting for? Order one here 🙂

This would make a great gift for any make up lover in your life.

Crowd Colour really need your help to back their idea, their aim is to raise £5,000 by the 5th Feb through kickstarter and they are well over half way there already! By helping them out you will receive a palette in the size of your choice (cheaper than the RRP) and a free lipstick, so no reason not to 😉

Sarah x


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