Always love trying new haircare

I LOVE trying new shampoos and haircare products. Hair is a massive part of my life, I am constantly changing my hair colour and can never decide what to do with it! Changing it so much really does damage it though and I struggle to grow it to a decent length without  it breaking off. I have been trying these two products now for a week or so and I am really impressed so far!

mitonia haircare

The complete range can be found here. I have been using the shampoo for dyed hair along with the intense anti-aging luxe masque.

I really like the colour and shape of the bottles, they are easy to use and look nice enough to leave out on the side of the bath!

The products left my hair really shiny and my colour hasn’t faded as much as it normally does. They also left my hair really soft and a lot more manageable. It’s amazing how many great hair products are out there if you start trying ones you wouldn’t usually use!

Sarah x


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