Trying some new perfumes

So my friend Carly sent me over a few perfume samples to try from a brand she is working with called FM cosmetics. They offer a great range of fragrances at affordable prices.

The ones I tried were:

20 classic female £11.99 for 30ml

80 classic female £11.99 for 30ml

18 classic female £11.99 for 30ml

367 luxury female £24.99 for 50ml

366 luxury female £21.99 for 50ml

336 luxury male £19.50 for 100ml

As you can see they are all greatly priced and after trying them all I was very impressed with how nice they were!

20 was a very sensual fragrance and is the kind of thing I would wear for date night or of an evening. It has hints of rose and bergamot,

80 is a very sweet scent and reminds me a lot of Prada candy. It smells of popcorn and a sweet shop and is a very happy exciting scent.

18 reminds me of oranges, like just being on holiday and having fresh fruit. Its base note is white musk and you can really smell the fruitiness.

367 is another sensual fragrance. It is also very fruity with a mango and grapefruit scent. This would be a great perfume to wear on holiday in the evening 🙂

366 contains pink pepper which is one of my favourite scents. This is definitely one to wear on a night out to attract attention!  It also has a jasmine and pear scent.

336 is a very sexy male fragrance containing orange blossom and bergamot as well as plum. My husband quite liked this and also thought it was a good date night scent/

This just show you dont have to pay crazy prices for designer fragrances when you can get some that smell just as good for a fraction of the price 🙂

Please check out Carly’s facebook here.

Sarah x



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