Keeping my jewellery clean..

I never used to wear much jewellery but since getting engaged and married I always wear my rings. I came across when I was searching for jewellery cleaner and decided to try some of their products.

This is the back of my rings before I cleaned then. The top is my engagement ring which I have had a lot longer than my wedding ring. They are both white gold but you can see the top one is very dirty and tarnished.

Look how much dirt came off when using one of the wipes, so gross!

But you can see how much cleaner they both look, especially the top one!

I also used the dazzle stick on the diamonds. You just wet the brush and twist it up then you can clean your jewellery and then simple rinse after. If you have diamond jewellery such as those halo diamond engagement rings, this is the perfect and easiest way to clean them.

I am really pleased how sparkly and clean my rings now are 🙂

Sarah x


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