Christmas ideas for my husband

My husband is so awkward to buy for, I am always stuck on what to get him so this year decided to really put some thought into it and get something special. (He doesn’t read my blog so wont see this!)

He LOVES Arsenal, probably more than he loves me! This book is perfect. You can buy them for any football team and have it personalised with a name from

You can chose the colour of the book and a name on the front, I originally thought about black but as Arsenal are red I went for this option. On the first page you can it personalised as well with a message but I chose to just have the name. 

Flicking through the book it contains newspaper stories over the years

Nick will probably spend hours reading this!

I think this is great for any football fan. This one was £59.99 but the price differs depending on the colour, I think it starts at £39.99. It sounds expensive at first but this is one of those unique presents someone will treasure forever.

From the same website it this bat mug (he loves batman). It is so cool with the wings! It is £14.99 and can be found here. I thought even if he decides its not practical as a mug it can be used as a super cool pen pot on his desk at work!

Just got a few more little bits to buy him then my shopping is done!

Sarah x


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