I was very excited to receive this in the post. I love food and I pretty much sit at my desk at work snacking all day so was keen to take this in to try and share with my colleagues. 

The box itself its a subscription service and you can pick a more healthy option or gluten free etc they are pretty good with the amount of different varieties you can get.

Included in the box is a list of what is included and all of the ingredients and nutritional info which is handy!

In my box I had:

Organic fudge brownie

Raspberry dipped white choc

Cocoa dusted almonds

Gourmet popcorn – coconut toffee

My fave was the brownie, they were a good size t snack on and had choc chunks in, yum yum! I was also a big fan of the popcorn, it had just a hint of coconut and was a lot more healthier than normal popcorn!

The almonds reminded me of choc covered brazil nuts, I have never had covered almonds before but the coca dusting tasted great

I wasn’t a fan of the raspberry dipped choc, probably as i am not a massive berry fan, but they were a big hit with the healthier people of the office!

Sarah x


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