Spa lights

These are a perfect stocking filler. They can float on water, be stuck on tiles or stuck in the bath under water. Definitely a great item to have if you want to have a relaxing bath. They would be great to buy someone along with some bath bombs or other bath products! If you are going to buy them remember to get some batteries too!


Santa phone case

I hoard phone cases but have never had a specific Christmas one before. It would make a great gift for anyone, its one of those novelty ones that are rubbery and it looks awesome on my phone, only problem is it wont fit in my pocket!


Selfie stick

I used to laugh at people with these but they are becoming more and more popular and wherever you go, someone has one. I can’t wait to take some Christmas day selfies with my husband in front of our tree as it will be our first Christmas as husband and wife and also our first Christmas in our house. I had a quick go of it earlier and it is so simple and easy to use.


USB cable

I love these cables, they are so cool. I had a black one that I used to wear as a bracelet( I always have to charge my phone when I go out!), but it was a little too big as I have tiny wrists. This one seems to fit a lot better. It is a handy way to carry your phone charger. Even if you don’t wear it, it is easy to pop into your bag and it wont get tangled and the end wont get bashed. The come in a variety of colours and I actually prefer this to a normal phone charger as I find I always break the normal cables.


I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it has helped to inspire you for gift ideas!

Sarah x


Please note the items featured are a mixture of things I have purchased myself, things I have won(I enter lots of competitions!) and PR samples.

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