Roberto Cavalli

£35 from The Perfume Shop
I personally love getting new perfume as a gift, it’s a way of trying something new that I wouldn’t usually buy myself. I am a big fan of Roberto Cavalli handbags so was interested to try the fragrance. I like the design of the bottle, especially with the zebra print, it’s like it is advertising it is going to bring out the animal in you! You can really smell the orange/flowery scent and it also contains pink peppercorn which is one my favourite scents.


Desigual – fun

£29 but on offer for £17 at The Fragrance Shop
Another perfume worth trying is this on by Desigual. IT is called fun so it is only right that it smells fun. What exactly does “fun” smell like though?! It is very floral but at the same time fruity. You can really smell the pear in it. It is a great scent and a bargain 🙂


The library of fragrance
Caribbean sea

The library of fragrance offer a crazy selection from pizza scent to clean sheets or gin & tonic. I would love to try them all! Caribbean sea smells exactly how you would imagine. It is very light and reminds of the beach, making me want to go away and sip cocktails by the sea. It would be a great fragrance to wear as a pick me up when you feel down about the dull weather at this time of the year! Not only does it smell like the sea, it reminds me of the fresh smell as you walk onto the beach, like the fresh air with just a hint of the sea and sand 🙂



Scentelite candle

The Petal

I am a massive candle fan, it is always nice to have a more luxurious one rather than your bog standard candle. I cam across Scentelite online and they are based not far from where I used to live so decided to try out one of their candles. The candle is quite big and can burn up to 40 hours, so if you only use it for a couple of hours at a time it will last ages! They have lots of scents, I chose “The Petal”, it has a very strong smell so when you aren’t burning it, the room still fills with the sweet smell. I think its worth spending it bit more a decent candle and I was really pleased with this one! You would expect this scent to be quite floral but I found it a bit more fruity 🙂


I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it has helped to inspire you for gift ideas!

Sarah x


Please note the items featured are a mixture of things I have purchased myself, things I have won(I enter lots of competitions!) and PR samples.

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