So, I have never done one of these before but with Christmas coming up I decided to put together a gift guide to help give you some ideas if you still have shopping to do! I have split it into sections and will be posting them over the course of the next week so come back everyday this week for a new one ūüôā

Starting of with…

Face and body

dermalogica active moist


Dermalogica active moist set


The set contains the¬†Active Moist moisturiser for normal/oilier skin, a travel sized Dermal Clay Cleanser and a limited edition facial cleansing mitt. It is important to keep your face¬†moisturised¬†even with oily¬†skin. I used to think I¬†didn’t¬†have to but it has actually helped my skin and¬†made¬†it less oily by¬†using something like this. The mitt is also great to help keep your skin clean and remove dead skin cells.


Ren glow and go set


This cute set consists of¬†20ml Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial and¬†20ml Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. It is a great idea if you¬†haven’t¬†tried¬†something¬†before to buy a set like this as its a cheap way to¬†try¬†something new as the tubes are the perfect size to give you a chance to try them without¬†committing¬†to buying¬†something¬†full size. I love the mask in this set, it really does make a difference to your skin! Ren also have some other great sets on their website, I love their¬†Moroccan¬†rose range.


Chambers & co carrot tissue foot balm


The foot balm is a great product to put on before bed so it works it’s magic and gives you super soft feet when you wake up! The tub is a good size (75ml) and you only need a small amount.




Chambers & co aloe vera hand balm



I am a massive aloe vera fan and this hand balm also contains coconut oil (another favourite of mine). This hand balm soaks in fast and smells great. Again, the size of the pot means it will last forever! I think hand creams and things like that are always great as a stocking filler.




Sukin love your skin set

Available from Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods, and Independent Stockists nationwide.


This set includes a foaming facial cleanser, hydrating mist toner and a facial moisturiser. It is a great “try me” set if you haven’t used this brand before. It is all natural and kind to skin. The products leave your face feeling like you have had a really deep clean but without feeling sore or sensitive. Natural products are great for people with sensitive skin.


Hollyberry eyelash growth serum


I have tried this now for a few weeks, I have been a fan of eyelash serums for a while now but after running out of my last one I wanted to find an affordable alternative (most are anywhere from ¬£40+) so to find this and such a great price, I just had to try it. My eyelashes are looking as great as ever and people often comment on them so it must be working ūüôā


Hollyberry Vitamin C serum


I also tried a serum by Hollyberry, I only started using serums in the past year but they really are great for your skin. This has really helped me keep my skin moisturised, especially now winter is coming. I find having the heating on really dries out my skin but this brings it back to life!


Aromatherapy Associates – relax and revive


I am a massive fan of this brand. Having used their bath oils before I wanted to try more of their range. This set contains two oils: deep relax and revive morning. I love the relax one in the evening after a long bath , really helps me to chill out.


Aromatherapy Associates – the star


This would be great to hang on your tree as a small gift for someone or a secret santa. It is the revive morning and I love oils like this to put in the bath. I usually think of relaxing when I think of bath oils but this is actually one to make you feel more awake after a morning bath. Great if you have to wake up early and want a pick me up in the bath.


Aromatherapy Associates – nourishing enrich


This set includes the nourishing enrich body oil, polishing natural exfoliating scrub and the nourishing enrich body butter. It is a great set as it includes everything you need to become super soft. The scrub is so lovely to use in the bath and if you then use the oil when you get out, your skin honestly feels amazing. You can use the oil and the body butter together but I find they are so rich you only need one or the other.


The Refinery face mask


The refinery is a range designed for men, so I let my husband have this range to try. I think it is important for men to look after their skin but I know they often don’t want to use “girly” skincare and would much prefer a range¬†specifically¬†for men. The packaging is also very simple which I think looks good. A face mask is great to use as a pick me up and its important to deep cleanse your skin regularly.


The Refinery revitalising moisturiser


Nick really liked this moisturiser as he often get a slightly dry face after shaving. It is important to keep your skin hydrated, especially if you shave it daily. This was a big thumbs up!


The Refinery face wash


This is great as a daily face wash to help keep your skin clean and healthy. As Nick does a lot of outdoor hobbies it is important that he washes his face properly to remove any dirt and he also needs to look after his skin from being exposed to the wind and rain a lot.



Tazeka aromatherapy

Non stop thoughts

These cute roller-balls are designed to help with specific things. There are so many to chose from but for me I needed help to calm down and help my head. The non stop thoughts blend is designed to calm you down and target your mental muscles.You can put it on your wrists, temples and neck and its aim is to chill you out. Being a 24/7 worrier I needed something like this. Whenever I get really stressed I have a sniff of it and apply it. I don’t know how it does it but it chills me out.



Tazeka aromatherapy

Headache helper

This is similar to the one above, it can be applied to the same places as well as being sniffed direct from the roller-ball. I suffer migraines and have to take daily medication for them but recently found that smelling lavender helps. It is one of the ingredients in this and I find if I use this just as I feel a migraine coming on it helps to almost cool my head down and makes it feel slightly better.



Tazeka aromatherapy

Tension tonic

This is great for anyone that suffers with anxiety(I occasionally do, being a worrier and stressing about everything, hating anything that isn’t part of my routine). Sometimes you just need something to calm yourself down and tablets and things like that aren’t always the answer as they have side affects or make you not feel yourself. This is great to just help you calm down a little and you need to just take a little time to sit down and relax with this on your pulse points. I would love to know if any of you have tried products like this before?



Bee Good – Mix it up lip duo
This set contains two lip balms:
Vanilla & Honey
Raspberry & White Chocolate
Both leave your lips feeling extra soft! I get such bad lips in the winter so something like this is great. Bee good are becoming one of my favourite brands because all of their products feel so good to use and they are so good for you! I love things that contain beeswax and natural vitamin E. They are the perfect size to pop in your bag or desk draw so you can keep your lips hydrated all day. My favourite is the Vanilla & Honey one as it smells great and tastes good (not that I ate it, but you know what I mean!)



Jurlique hand care collection
I have been in love with this brand for over a year now, their products are always so lovely. It is a more expensive brand but definitely worth the money! This set contains 4 different hand creams in a beautiful box. Each hand cream is individually packaged so if you didnt want to give someone a whole set you could split it up and make 4 presents out of it! (The hand creams are usually ¬£18 each). My favourite is the lavender, I absolutely love this one. The tubes are a good size and I always like to have a hand cream on my desk at work, and another at home so this set is great as I can use them all at the same time! They are smell great, not too overpowering, but enough of a scent to linger for a while. The cream soaks in well and doesn’t leave you greasy, just feeling soft and smelling good!


Freeman beauty face masks

£1.50 each

Face masks are a great stocking filler and a great way to try different products. They are inexpensive and I often find one sachet is actually enough to share, so two of you can use it. Great for pamper evenings! I am a big fan of clay masks as I feel they give your skin such a good deep clean. My face always feels so good after a face mask.


Freeman bare foot range
£1.50 each
Freeman also have a great range of foot products, including a variety of scrubs and lotions, which would make a good stocking filler. The¬†sachets¬†are quite big and there is¬†definitely¬†enough for two uses in each one. It is such a great way to try different products ūüôā


Barcelona sublime oil


This oil smells amazing and leaves your skin with a very healthy looking glow along with a shimmer in the light. Body oils are a big thing right now, there are so many you can get and you can use them anywhere on your body and also in your hair. I love this on my arms and legs and also tried a small amount in my hair, it made it look a lot healthier as normally my hair is very dry.



Luxury spa set


This cute set contains soap, bath soaks and a¬†candle, all tuberose and jasmine. You can smell the products as soon as you open the box and this would be a great gift for anyone that appreciates nice toiletries. The soap is handmade and its the kind of thing you want to save for best. The candle has the same scent which would be great to light in the bathroom whilst you were having a relaxing bath. You also get a decent amount of bath soak grains, enough for a few baths ūüôā



Jo Malone English pear and freesia body and hand wash


Since I had my hand and arm massage at the word duty free store I have been in love with Jo Malone. My favourite scent is the English pear and freesia, I have never smelt anything like it before! The hand wash is great, It is one of those products that would make a great gift as you wouldn’t usually buy something like this for yourself, its an extra special treat. You only need a small amount, I kind of want to just keep it as decoration the bottle is so pretty!


Jo Malone English pear and freesia body creme


This body creme is amazing. I first tried it in store and it left my hands and arms so smooth and all day I kept getting a whiff of the scent. It leaves you amazingly soft and also smelling good for the rest of the day! I love the design of Jo Malone products and it will look great on the side in my newly tiled bathroom!


I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it has helped to inspire you for gift ideas!

Sarah x



Please note the items featured are a mixture of things I have purchased myself, things I have won(I enter lots of competitions!) and PR samples.

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