A one step gel manicure

I LOVE having my nails painted. I feel naked without polish on! Recently I have tried several gel manicure sets trying the find the quickest and easiest to use. I hate spending hours doing my nails especially as I get bored of one colour and end up changing them once a week.

I have been using this set from GELLED that you can buy from www.highstreettv.com. The set itself comes with the lamp and 2 colours(red and nude), as well as a buffer, orange stick and foil wraps.

The lamp can be plugged into your laptop/pc or any usb charger which is great and its only £39.95. you don’t need to mess about with top coats or base coats or anything just use 2 coats of colour (that take about 60secs each coat under the lamp) and you are done!

Sarah x

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